How do I enroll for a course?

All courses are listed here.  Once you’ve picked a course, please email enrollment@writingworkshopsla.com to sign up.  After we’ve confirmed your enrollment, go here to pay online. Please do not enroll online until you’ve heard back from us. (If you prefer to mail a check, please let us know and we will provide the necessary info to do that.)   After your payment has been received, all course information-including class location, what to bring, and the first assignment-will be emailed to you.


What’s your enrollment and payment policy?

All courses require a $1OO non-refundable enrollment fee, which is included in the course fee.  (Seminars require a $5O enrollment fee, which is included in the seminar fee.)

If you decide to drop the course within 5 days of the class start date, all but the enrollment fee will be returned to you.  After the 5-day grace period, there are no refunds, and you’re required to pay the full course fee no matter how many class meetings you attend.  If you drop the course after that grace period, and you’ve chosen to pay in multiple installments, you are still responsible to pay the remaining course balance.

If you have enrolled in a seminar, you have up to two days before the seminar begins to drop it and receive a refund (minus the enrollment fee).  After that deadline, you will not be eligible for a refund.


What’s your privacy policy?

Writing Workshops Los Angeles is committed to respecting your privacy. We do not and will never sell or rent your mailing address, email address, or any other data that can personally identify you in any way to an outside group.

Writing Workshops Los Angeles allows students to register for courses through the website. In order to enroll online, you must first email enrollment@writingworkshopsla.com to receive enrollment confirmation.  This is only to confirm that there is still space in the course.  Your email address will only be shared with the course instructor, and only in the event that you enroll in the course in question. Once enrollment is confirmed, you must pay for the class online; to do so, the you must provide your credit card information.  Writing Workshops Los Angeles does not store this information, and we will never share it with a third party.


It looks like I’m too late to sign up for a class this session.  Can I enter a class after it’s begun?

In most cases, we don’t admit students into a course that’s already begun. The best way to get into a class is to sign up for our email list so that you hear of classes as soon as they’re announced.  Please email us at info@writingworkshopsla.com to do so.


I don’t see any new classes.  What’s going on?  Will there be more?

Yes!  Don’t worry!  We offer classes 4 times a year, and the next session is announced about a month before it begins.  Sign up for the email newsletter, so that you hear of the new classes as soon as they’re announced.  Please email us at info@writingworkshopsla.com to do so.


Do you offer classes for teenagers?

Unfortunately, our classes are for students over the age of eighteen.  However, we occasionally make an exception, dependent upon the teacher, the student, and the class in question.  To see if your case is exceptional, please email us at info@writingworkshopsla.com .


What are your payment plan options?

Effective summer 2O13, new students must pay for all courses in-full.  See this blog post for a full explanation.

For almost all courses, we offer returning students the opportunity to pay in either one, two, or three installments.  In Payment Plan 1, students pay the full course fee up front.  In Payment Plan 2, students pay half up front and half the week before the class ends.  In Payment Plan 3, students pay a third up front, a third midway, and a third the week before the class ends.  All of the plans include a $1OO non-refundable enrollment fee for courses (it’s a $5O fee for seminars).   The deadlines and amounts for Payment Plans 2 and 3 are emailed to students upon enrollment.


How come you guys are so awesome?

Do we really need to answer that?


Have a question this page didn’t answer?  Email info@writingworkshopsla.com to ask it!