Writing Workshops Los Angeles offers one-on-one coaching, editing, and critique services for writers of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, both shorter pieces and book-length projects. We have two standard packages that we offer, one for critique and one for coaching. You can request to work with any of our full-time faculty and we will determine their availability. Instructors may request rates higher than those listed below and rush fees may apply.

If you wanted feedback on work you’ve already written, the cost for critique services is $150 for the first 20 pages and $5 per additional page. In return, you would receive line editing for the complete manuscript plus your choice of a critique (500-2000 words, depending on the length of the manuscript, outlining what’s successful and what can be improved) or a one-hour in-person meeting with the editor. We use the industry standard of 250 words per page to calculate the final cost.

For clients who want more of a coaching experience, we offer a ten-session package for $900. You would meet with the coach five times for one hour in person or on the phone to discuss strategy, revision, outlining, etc., and you would receive feedback five times via email on up to 2000 words. A single one-hour consultation is $100. Please see our FAQ for information on payment policies and refunds.

If you’re looking for help that doesn’t fit these parameters, e.g., you want help finding a place to submit a short story or you just need a document proofread, we can work with you to customize some assistance. For more information, please email