Writing Workshops Los Angeles offers courses and one-on-one instruction to those interested in honing their fiction, nonfiction, and poetry writing skills. Workshops are held in the home of the course instructor or, occasionally, in the home of one of the students. In our classes, work is discussed from a craft perspective, and we delve deeply into story, character, language, structure, and other techniques. Classes are small and always fun, and there are refreshments (wine, sparkling water, coffee), and sometimes even gourmet cheeses and tasty snacks, to keep us going. You can read more about WWLA in this interview with Edan at LitHub.

At Writing Workshops Los Angeles, we value aesthetic daring, and we strive to read student manuscripts with both the highest standards and an open mind. Our students have gone on to attend MFA programs across the country, published novels and memoirs, placed their work in a variety of literary journals and magazines, and won numerous awards and fellowships.

Chris Daley, Director
Edan Lepucki, Founder + Director of Special Projects


How do I enroll for a course?
All workshops and seminars are listed here. Registration confirmation is no longer required! Once you’ve picked a class, please visit the Enroll page, scroll to the listing for your course, and pay via PayPal. (A returning student is defined as someone who has completed a WWLA class previously.) We reserve the right to decide not to accept an enrollment for any reason. After your payment has been received, all course information—including class location and the first assignment—will be emailed to you. If a class is listed as sold out, you can always contact us to inquire about a waitlist at enrollment@writingworkshopsla.com.

What’s your enrollment and payment policy?
Standard workshops range in price from $380-$420 and seminars from $120-$190. Online seminars are currently $150. All courses, as well as our ten-session coaching package, require a $100 non-refundable enrollment fee, which is included in the course fee. (Seminars require a $50 enrollment fee, which is included in the seminar fee.) If you decide to drop the course within 5 days of the class start date (or the first coaching session), all but the enrollment fee will be returned to you. After the 5-day grace period, there are no refunds, and you’re required to pay the full course fee no matter how many class meetings you attend. If you drop the course after that grace period, and you’ve chosen to pay in multiple installments, you are still responsible to pay the remaining course balance. If you have enrolled in a seminar, you have up to two days before the seminar begins to drop it and receive a refund (minus the enrollment fee).  After that deadline, you will not be eligible for a refund.

I don’t see any new classes. What’s going on? Will there be more? How can I be among the first to know about new classes?
Yes!  Don’t worry!  We offer classes four times a year (usually beginning in February, April, July, and October), and the next session is announced at least a month before it begins. You can sign up for our newsletter here, so that you hear of new classes as soon as they’re announced.  

How do I know whether I should take a Level I or Level II class? What is a mixed levels class and should I take one?
Students self-select which level class they feel is appropriate for them, so you are free to decide where you would feel most comfortable. In general, our Level I classes are for beginners to that genre, although sometimes more experienced writers will take a Level I class to brush up on the basics or come back after a break from writing. Enrollment in a Level I class is suggested before taking a Level II class, but it is not required. If you've taken writing classes before (with WWLA or elsewhere) and feel like you would benefit from a more intermediate class, then a Level II class might be for you. 

Mixed levels classes are appropriate for both beginner and intermediate students. The instructors who teach our mixed levels workshops are skilled at customizing the curriculum to meet the needs of all the students in the class, regardless of level. Especially if you're looking for a workshop on the westside or the weekend, a mixed levels workshop could be perfect for you.

Keep in mind that Fiction I is generally for beginners who are not yet decided on whether they would like to write short stories or a novel (or some other fiction form). Fiction II is generally for writers who have taken Fiction I and are leaning toward short stories. Mixed Levels classes are designed for both Fiction I and Fiction II students. Novel I is for students who have decided they wish to write a novel and are in the early stages of their project. Novel II is generally for writers who have taken Novel I and have advanced further into their projects. If you prefer a class on the weekend, on the westside, or on young adult fiction, we have those options as well.

Nonfiction I is generally for beginners who are interested in exploring personal narrative (memoir in short or long form) and/or non-personal narrative (creative nonfiction, journalism, art criticism, science writing, etc.). Nonfiction II is generally for writers who have taken Nonfiction I and would like to keep the freedom to write either form of narrative. Memoir I is for students who have decided they wish to write personal narrative (memoir or personal essay). Memoir II is generally for writers who have taken Memoir I and are in the early stages of a project (a memoir or collection of personal essays). Essay Writing is designed to produce inquisitive essays in which the primary focus is not personal experience.

What are your payment plan options?
Effective summer 2013, new students must pay for all courses in full. For almost all courses, we offer returning students the opportunity to pay in either one, two, or three installments. In Payment Plan 1, students pay half up front and half in week five. In Payment Plan 2, students pay a third up front, a third in week two, and a third in week five.  All of the plans include a $100 non-refundable enrollment fee for courses (it’s a $50 fee for seminars). The deadlines and amounts for Payment Plans 1 and 2 are emailed to students upon enrollment.  Please note: We offer payment plans to returning students as a courtesy to say thank you for choosing WWLA again. However, if a student does not make a payment by the stated deadline (see info packet) and ignores our first reminder, s/he will be required to pay in full to enroll for future classes.

What is your privacy policy?
Writing Workshops Los Angeles is committed to respecting your privacy. We do not and will never sell or rent your mailing address, email address, or any other data that can personally identify you in any way to an outside group. Writing Workshops Los Angeles allows students to enroll for courses through our website. To pay for the class online, you must provide your credit card information. Writing Workshops Los Angeles does not store this information, and we will never share it with a third party. Your email address will only be shared with the course instructor once you've enrolled.

It looks like I’m too late to sign up for a class this session.  Can I enter a class after it’s begun?
In most cases, we don’t admit students into a course that’s already begun. However, we do offer one-on-one consultations with our faculty if you don't want to wait until the next term starts.

What if I have allergies and the instructor has pets?
Our classes primarily take place in the homes of instructors, many of whom have pets. If you suffer from allergies, please contact us at info@writingworkshopsla.com before you enroll in a class to determine the pet situation. We can suggest alternate, comparable pet-free classes, and if those options do not work with your schedule, please know that classes often switch days from term to term, so you'll have another chance at a pet-free class in about ten weeks.

Do you offer classes for teenagers?
Unfortunately, our classes are for students over the age of eighteen. However, we occasionally make an exception, dependent upon the teacher, the student, and the class in question. To see if your case is exceptional, please email us at info@writingworkshopsla.com.

Do you offer editorial services?
Yes! Please refer to our Critique & Coaching page.

Are you hiring new instructors?
We're not hiring at the moment, but you're welcome to send your resume to info@writingworkshopsla.com.

How come you guys are so awesome?
Do we really need to answer that?