Chris Daley On Teaching Writing

Writing Workshops Los Angeles is so pleased to have Chris Daley teaching for us!  Her nonfiction class is almost full, so if you’re interested, email immediately!

I asked Chris about her thoughts on teaching writing and running a workshop, and she sent me this wonderful answer:

Writing talent is both a gift and a skill; having the gift only means a little less effort toward mastering the skill…if you’re lucky. We all have the ability to express ourselves more lucidly, effectively, and beautifully. A writing workshop is also a gift that you give to yourself: a time to focus on the ideas that are inspiring you and share your work with other like-minded writers. A successful workshop should reveal what you want from your writing project and help you get there. My role is to respect your individual goals and suggest techniques to overcome any obstacles in your way. As a teacher and as a student, I have found that enthusiasm and humor (as well as the confidence that comes from preparation) work best to foster a creative and supportive environment.