What’s the Point?
Revising Your Essay for Clarity and Precision

  with Summer Block in Burbank

Two Saturdays
10:00 am to 1:00 pm
July 27 and August 3, 2019


You've been writing and researching and rewriting your essay. You've done some revision, maybe incorporated feedback from a workshop or a friend, cut and pasted and moved things around, written more, and now you're starting to feel a little lost. Where was this going again? There is a point where every essay writer feels like they don't really know what they're talking about anymore. Now is the time to step back and think critically: What exactly am I trying to say? And does my essay actually say it? During our first meeting, we will peel back the layers to find your essay's message and suggest revisions that ensure everything, from the overall structure to individual word choices, supports that message. The instructor will also create an individualized reading list for each student. At our second meeting, we will workshop our revisions and suggest future avenues of exploration. We will also discuss the nuts and bolts of submission and publication.

This class will take place in Burbank, where coffee, tea, sparkling water, and light snacks will be served.

Enrollment limit: 8 students
$190 for new students; $170 for returning students


Summer Block has contributed essays, short fiction, and poetry to The Toast, The Awl, The Rumpus, Catapult, The Nervous Breakdown, McSweeney's, PANK, and many other places. Her work has been featured in several anthologies, most recently California Prose Directory: New Writing from the Golden State. She is currently working on a book about occult communities in the San Fernando Valley.


“Summer is a great teacher. She went above and beyond with her written feedback, which was so extensive and thoughtful, and so helpful. She also is one of those teachers who manages to find something intelligent and supportive about everything we read in class . . . I really, really enjoyed this class and the warm, fun atmosphere Summer created."