Summer 2019 News

So many outstanding achievements by our writers this term!

Susan Auerbach had three poems accepted for publication since our last post: “Birth Rites” appeared in Literary Mama, “Life and Death at 11:36, 1B” appeared in the Spring 2019 print issue of Third Wednesday, and “Grief Cento” is forthcoming in the Greensboro Review.

Ryan Bedsaul was accepted to the University of Florida's MFA program in fiction and he will attend beginning this fall.

Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo (When We Were Seeds: Poetry for Current Times) was selected for the 2019 Macondo Scholarship to attend the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley Writers Workshop in July. Her essay “Invisible No More: How ‘Fade Into You’ Reflects the L.A. Chicanx Experience” was published by the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Summer Block (What’s the Point? Revising Your Essay for Clarity and Precision) was accepted to the Claremont Graduate University to pursue her master’s degree in medieval literature.

James Busby, Andrea Ciannavei, Melissa Haley, and Jessica Ripka read their work at the WWLA Near Summer Creative Nonfiction Celebration hosted by Chris Daley (Strange Conflict: Writing Horror Fiction and Strengthening Your Memoir with Scenes, Stakes, Story, and Suspense) on June 9 at the Covell Sidebar.

"Disassembly," a TV script by Christopher DeWan (Shaping Your Story: How a Screenwriter’s Toolkit Can Help You Finish or Start Your Book), is shortlisted for a Final Draft Fellowship, awarded to "a meaningful, character-driven story containing notes of uplift and hope."

Seth Fischer (Voices Carry: How to Master the Use of Voice in Your Prose) will be an artist-in-residence at the Art Farm in July where he will surely miss his new kitten Chirpa.

Amy Forstadt’s story “The Top 12 Reasons Couples Get Divorced,” inspired by an exercise in Chris Daley’s Flash Fiction seminar, was published in Green Briar Review.

Sara Fowler was accepted to the fully funded MFA program in poetry at University of California, Riverside and she will attend beginning this fall.

Cybele Garcia-Kohel’s magical realism poems “Visitation” and “Moon’s Shadow,” written in workshops with Elline Lipkin, were published online by New American Legends.

Kenneth Hinegardner’s first published short story "Don't Bend, Zoom! Attack!! Attack!!" was published in the Winter 2019 issue of Chiron Review.

DeLon Howell was awarded fellowships to the Lambda Literary Retreat and the Esalen Writers Workshop.

Mylo Lam’s poem, “Ma’s Canh Chua Recipe: April – December 1975,” will be published in the summer issue of The Coachella Review.

Fingernail Moon” and “Pleine Lune,” two poems by Elline Lipkin (Re-Vision: Poetry), were published by Apricity Press.

Nelson Munares has a painting on display at ACE/121 Gallery in Glendale as part of their show GlendaleOUT for Pride Month.

Scott O’Connor’s novel Zero Zone, about an artist in 1970s Los Angeles whose desert installation sparks a religious awakening that leads to a series of violent events, will be published by Counterpoint Press in 2020.

Jessica Ripka’s essay “Legion” was a finalist for The Iowa Review Prize for Nonfiction.

Carla Sameth’s new book One Day on the Gold Line: A Memoir in Essays will be released by Black Rose Writing on July 18. The official book launch /reading/signing is at The Last Bookstore on Wednesday, July 17 at 7:30 pm. Her essay “Mother’s Day Triptych” appeared in MUTHA Magazine.

Diana Wagman’s essay “‘Girl’ by Jamaica Kincaid,” from the anthology Why I Like This Story, was excerpted at the Los Angeles Review of Books blog.

Kim Young (Translating Experience into Art: A Multi-Genre Generative Workshop) is a semifinalist for the 2019 Pamet River Prize for her poetry collection Tigers.