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Family Ties—Mining the Personal
for Tension-Filled Fiction

with Lilliam Rivera in Los Feliz

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Lilliam Rivera
Los Feliz

One Sunday
10:00 am to 2:00 pm
December 16, 2018

As writers, we strive to capture the truth on the page. We often conjure up painful and sometimes exhilarating moments from our own lives and translate them into the experiences of three-dimensional characters. This one-day seminar introduces ways writers can unearth the intimately personal and repurpose those moments into compelling fiction. Participants will explore their own histories with in-class exercises that urge them to write bravely. The most personal experiences make for the most powerful fiction. This seminar is an interior mixtape where fiction and authenticity will flow freely.

This seminar is open to students of all levels. It will be held in Los Feliz where coffee, sparkling water, and light snacks will be served.


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Lilliam Rivera is an award-winning writer and author of The Education of Margot Sanchez, a contemporary young adult novel available now from Simon & Schuster. Recently named a "2017 Face to Watch" by the Los Angeles Times, Lilliam's work has appeared in Tin HouseLos Angeles Times, and Latina, to name a few. She lives in Los Angeles where she’s completing her second novel.


"Lilliam Rivera's 'American Horror Story' seminar was the best fiction workshop I've taken in years! I came away from Lilliam's class so inspired that I had to pull off the freeway on the way home to write. After discussing all of the best in contemporary horror, both literary and genre, Lilliam offered one last prompt that helped me find a way into a story I had wanted to write for two years. In addition to fantastic readings and prompts, Lilliam's engagement with the subject matter was contagious. All students produced inspired writing in class without hesitation. As a former university professor, I can say that Lilliam's teaching style is top-notch. She was very organized but also left room to explore, encouraging each student to write according to her individual interests and treating everyone as equals. The creative process is often a difficult journey, but Lilliam Rivera's course left a lasting impression of its greatest pleasures." —Lisa Sanchez-Powers

Reviews for The Education of Margot Sanchez

"A debut of great candor, depth, and empathy." —Booklist

"Introducing Lilliam Rivera, one of the most unique and exciting new voices in YA. The Education of Margot Sanchez is funny, poignant, compelling and authentic. She nails the music and conflict of an evolving Bronx, New York. I adore this novel." —Matt de la Peña, Last Stop on Market Street)

“In the hands of debut novelist Lilliam Rivera, Margot's choices—which friends?  which boy?  which future?—take on a tense urgency.  Lively and telling, smart and compelling, Margot Sanchez is a character to take to your heart and Rivera a voice to remember.” —Karen Joy Fowler, The Jane Austen Book Club

“With a passionate voice, Lilliam Rivera weaves a layered, complex story of a girl awakening to herself and her family.” —Cecil Castellucci, Tin Star